12 November 2010

Honing my inner Merle

Pin It My Grandma Merle is who I credit my baking intuition.  This amazing woman would never show up empty handed, always toting peanut brittle, cookies, and so many other confections that I don't even have time to begin to list.  One of the most famous things she made in our house was buckeyes.  My brothers looovvvved those things.  She even had to give them separate containers because they couldn't compromise on a sharing strategy.  For my older brother's birthday this week, I decided to give him the gift of nostalgia and sent him a large container of buckeyes in the mail.
Happy Birthday, Matty!  Share with Adam, but only if you want to.

09 November 2010

4 years

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We like to keep gifts as homemade as possible around our house.  There is something that is so much more special about a gift that isn't about the price tag or bling factor.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I like shiny, bling-tastic-ness probably more than the next girl, but I don't need it to know I'm loved.  Besides, Brian is pretty crafty and I'll use any excuse to use fancy paper and a sharpie!  Here's a glimpse of this years swag.
My gift to Brian:
A tribute to our temporarily absent family member.

Along with crafty card.

And the best part, my present!  A gilded hazelnut necklace.
I am officially the luckiest girl in the world.

02 November 2010

Ah, the early years...

Pin It I was lucky enough to be exposed to many things as a youngster, luckily baking was one of them.  Who knows if I'd be where I am now without preschool!  This was one of my first baking experiences, a mothers day project, and it made the local newspaper!  The Southern Illinoisan certainly has a keen intuition.
I'm the one on the far left.

my recipe:

Hmm, somehow I don't think these would turn out so great.  Maybe I should try them for a future experimental blog post?