25 November 2011

pie pops!

Pin It I had some leftover pie dough after making a brandied-pear galette (recipe coming soon!), so I thought I'd make these cute little pie pops for the cute little tykes I'd be seeing at Thanksgiving.

If you have some extra pie dough laying around, or are looking for a cute gift for someone, make these!  They are super easy and perfect little pie portions.  I filled them with some blueberry compote I had been meaning to use up, but you can use any pie filling.  The only other thing you need are the lollipop sticks, which you can get at any craft store for really cheap.

Use a cookie cutter to stamp out some circles (or hearts would be cute).  Take half of them and lay them on on your baking mat or parchment.  I rolled these a little so I could have room to seal them up.

Gently press the sticks in and add your filling.

Place the second layer on and seal them up by crimping the edges with a fork.

Brush them with some egg wash and sprinkle with brown sugar...

and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes!

Who doesn't like pie on a stick?  I mean, come on...

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