14 November 2011

crispy tortillas with black beans and avocado

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This may look like a baby food mess to some of you, but my fellow black bean and avocado lovers (like Tracy from shutterbean!) will understand the swoon-worthy nature of this meal.  

While crisping up a few tortillas in a 400 degree oven, I heated some refried black beans on the stove and mashed up some avocado with lime.  

The whole process only takes a few minutes before you are ready to layer it all on.

Don't forget some hot salsa and non-fat yogurt! 

If I was single, I could only imagine how often I'd be eating this.  Heaven.


  1. This actually looks really delish! Just came upon your blog and I love it! I am also from Illinois (Northern) now live in Chicago suburbs, but used to live in Raleigh, NC. Too funny! Look forward to reading more and getting more yummy recipes!


  2. Aw, I miss Chicagoland!! Thanks for stopping by, Mary!


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