07 December 2011

ginger and carrot

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My world has changed.  My juicer arrived on my doorstep this morning and I think I might OD on carrot and ginger juice.

I'm so pumped to juice everything in sight!  I've been reading a lot about juicing and the benefits of giving your body this pure, easily digestible nutrition.  This particular juice is great for your skin because of all of the vitamin A&E in the carrots and the the immune boosting properties of the ginger.  Do you have a juicer??  What are your favorite juicing recipes?

Recipe for Carrot Ginger Juice
5 large carrots, washed and topped
1/2 inch piece of peeled ginger

Feed it through and drink it up!  Just don't knock it over halfway through juicing.... I did.


  1. i just made apple and carrot and ginger on sunday! It's sooooo delicious! I find that as it sits it separates and I have to shake it up everytime i wanna pour it.

    i was tempted to try it with spinach-- would look icky, or purply, but i think the carrot-apple would mask the spin flavor and would be a great kick to it!

  2. I'm buying a bag of apples tomorrow. apple & celery? apple, cucumber, spinach, and ginger? OMG the possibilities.

  3. i'm having apple + carrot + ginger right now!

    go to the reboot your life website - lots of ideas there!

    i like pear + fennel a LOT!

  4. OH man! I just spent so long on that site. I've done a 3 day juice cleanse before, but it was before I had a juicer... made things a little difficult. It was awesome, but I could do it so much better this time around. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I just tried the carrot and ginger juice as my first official juicing experience...I think I added a bit too much ginger, or I'm just not used to the ginger taste because it definitely had a kick. But then I added two apples and a dash of cinnamon and it tasted WAYY better. any tips for first timer recipes to ease me into the juicing world?

  6. yeah, ginger can be a little overpowering, but I am kind of a spice freak! Adding apples or pears to any juice usually helps everything a lot better! Or try adding grapefruit or lemon for a citrus-y flavor. I actually made a carrot + grapefruit juice the other day (i know... sounds crazy), but I really liked it!

    Keep juicing! It makes you feel AWESOME!


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