07 January 2012

road trip home: the finale!

Pin It Going home only a few times a year has its perks and downfalls.  The downfalls mainly consist of not seeing everyone you hoped to, being spread too thin, and having to say good-bye.  Fortunately for me, I have awesome friends and family who understand and shower me with hilarity at all moments. A glimpse:

Cookbook browsing in my favorite kitchen.

Dead pan photo-ops.

Don't be fooled.  This was immediately followed by giggling.

A puzzle that may or may not get finished.
Treasure hunting in my parents house.

& Brian in full participatory spirits.

Yes, that is a version of enthusiasm.

Do you all live far from home?  How do you deal?


  1. That was an amazing road trip. I love posts about road trips and travel.

  2. it definitely was! glad you enjoyed reading about my aimless adventures!

  3. Road trips are so much fun and memorable. It is quite tiring, and you'd definitely miss home but it is fulfilling. Try having a road trip and a road party at the same time just to add up to your adventures. You can even bring along more friends with you. party bus nyc


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