28 May 2012

back in the habit

Pin It I had a wonderful week home.  Southern Illinois never ceases to make me happy.  Surrounded by beauty, familiarity, family... can't get much sweeter.

Just makes ya wanna kick up your feet in the grass...

Take a cruise through wine country...

Chill by the pool...

and drive past your old stomping grounds!

  This is the first house Brian and I lived in together.  It's also the house he grew up in.  FULL of memories.

Stop by campus for verification you actually graduated college a few years ago....

  Rest assured, I did!  What is it with universities holding onto your diploma???

and... AND... Check out wedding venues.  Here's a sneak peak of where we will be tying the knot next June!   I'm so beyond thrilled...

Now, I'm back in NC for a few days.  Packing and packing, running errands, seeing peeps, and keepin' my cool with a healthy amount of iced coffee.  Wish me luck cuz we're movin' to DC!


  1. I love that wedding venue!!!

    Congratulations, dear, and best of luck moving :D

  2. Good luck with the move! That view is amazing! Where is it located at? Wish I could of come home last week. Miss ya and hopefully I will get to see ya soon. :)

  3. Thanks, Jordan and Megan!! It's at an old historic farm house in Cobden.


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