19 May 2012


Pin It Can I just start out my saying that the weather is BEAUTIFUL today?  If it isn't gloriously nice where you are, sorry to brag.  It just almost feels like fall, like that homecoming parade, sunny but breezy weather that makes you feel like you're fifteen.

OR I'm just on cloud nine because I'm headed home to see my family (and future family!) after five months of separation.  Definitely way too long of a time to go without seeing your parents and brothers.  AND I get to see a super pregnant friend.  Today is good.  Like Dick Van Dyke dancing in his living room good.  Gahhhh!

OR like this corn and blueberry salad good.  It looks so amazing.  I can't wait to make it!  I might have a hard time twisting a certain male someone's arm into trying it, but he will thank me.  I'm convinced.

Or like this amazing sun-filled kitchen (via the fab web).  Could you imagine?  Someday my life might have half the glamour I envision.  Someday...

But, it would SO fit perfectly in this house!

And I would totally make this caprese eggs benedict for my mom for breakfast when she came to visit.  Oh, what a nice daughter I would be!  

Alright... it's time to board the plane, but wish me luck this week!  I'll be checking out wedding venues, soaking up rays by the pool, and living the good life in Southern Illinois.  I know... you feel so bad for me.


  1. Have a wonderful visit home. Can't wait to hear all about the wedding plans.

  2. Thank you! It's going to be a great trip. :)

  3. It was sooooo great seeing you the other day - at PK's :-) you looked fabulous and your ring is truly beautiful. Hope your move to D.C. has many adventures...and no incidents.

  4. Thanks Jan!! I loved seeing you guys, too. Wish I could have seen you more! If you ever have an itch to visit DC again, come visit! You guys are the best.


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