23 November 2012

thanksgiving for two

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This was the first holiday that Brian and I were completely without family.  Unfortunately, the nature of both of our jobs requires us to stick it out through the holidays.  If we were closer to home, this wouldn't be much of an issue, but since we are a good driving, or even plane ride, distance from pretty much any one we know, we were left spending this one in a very special way: just us two.

While we aren't really planning on being away from all of the people we love in the future, I have to admit it was nice just spending the day together and feeling like we were doing something that was just ours.  As much time as we spend together, it never seems to be enough. 

I tend to do the majority of the cooking in our household, but Brian busts out some masterpieces every now and then.  He will always make a better grilled cheese than I do.  He surprised me with banana pecan pancakes so I could kick back with my Real Simple magazine all morning.  I probably could have stopped there and called it a successful turkey day.

 We ventured out to go on a late morning hike and Digby went for a swim in Seneca Creek. 

Then, it was home to cook and bake all of the usual Thanksgiving fare!  I loosely based my recipes off of this site's guidelines of cooking for two. 

My favorite part was the stuffing that I made from a rosemary sourdough bread with lots of leeks and celery. I also thoroughly enjoyed indulging in crackers and pate, which I learned (for the fifth time) Brian absolutely despises.  One of these days he will cave, I'm sure of it.

His favorite part was the homemade crispy fried onion strings.  This sort of happened on accident.  I did  all of my shopping at Whole Foods just because I didn't have time to go any where else.  Your usual onion strings in a can is not really something you can find at a natural foods store, so I had to improvise.  With a little handy mandolin work and a frying pan, I made it happen.  I was informed that these will be on the menu every Thanksgiving from now on.

We set ourselves a nice little table, turned on some fancy dining music, and enjoyed ourselves.

Exactly what we needed.

I hope you all had an equally relaxing and wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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  1. it looks beautiful and delicious!! happy holidays!


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