31 October 2012

moms and cookies

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I am becoming the queen of over-extending myself.  I'm sure a lot of you, especially the women readers out there, can relate to this.  I know for a fact that this is a quality I get from my mother.  She has always been the master of telling everyone yes.

I think back to when we were kids and how much she did.  Every school project.  Every piano lesson.  Every performance, practice, and recital:  she was there.  She never missed a moment.  Always present and excited to be with us.  She successfully juggled three kids and a demanding job without a complaint.  

Now, I know it wasn't all roses.  I remember her being overwhelmed and know that she struggled at times.  Who wouldn't?  The point is, she always seemed to get it done and was pleased to do it.  She managed to have success in the workplace and be an amazing mom, all while being under-appreciated.   Because honestly, who could really fathom the amount of work she was doing besides another woman doing the exact same thing?

I'm starting to feel comfort in the juggling of life.  As much as I get overwhelmed when I have a million things to do, I get pleasure in the fact that this is what is going to make me a good mother someday: making sure things are taken care of, everyone feels okay, learning what is not important, and throwing a lot of fun in the mix.

It reminds me how young I am and how much I still have to learn.  It humbles that part of my brain that thinks it has it all figured out.  It silences that piece of me that gets frustrated with my mom when she cares so much.  The mastering of the juggle is me becoming a woman, hopefully one that is someday half as good as my mom.

In the meantime, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Laceys.  (By the way, these don't have eggs!)

27 October 2012

stress food

Pin It I'm a total believer that stress can be a good thing.  It can be motivating, energizing, and

16 October 2012

taste the rainbow

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There are lots of good things about growing up and few not so good things about growing up.  For starters, you truly start to appreciate things such as roasted brussel sprouts and rainbow quinoa.  You can splurge on the nice pecorino in the cheese department.  You can eat the same thing for three meals straight, eat apple pie as a snack, and wear fuschia lipgloss all day while you're home alone without judgement.  You are the boss.  

Some not so great things include: paying bills, holding your tears back when you talk to your mom on the phone, and the ability to have an entire pie on the kitchen counter with no one else in sight.  Where is your family of five at a time like this?  Good thing you ate those brussel sprouts.  You are forever learning balance.

Balance includes appreciation.  Appreciation for your growth, for your best friends (no matter how far away they may be), and for the seasonal roasted vegetables that get you to the next day.  And roasted garlic and pecans.

And that pecorino... ooooh girl.  I better never become lactose intolerant.  I might have a hard time appreciating that.

Recipe for Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Rainbow Quinoa

13 October 2012

blackberry yeast donuts

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First, a little ranting.  Has anyone had a terrible time with recipes from Martha Stewart's website?  I always seem to trust the site with it's alluring pictures and simple ingredient lists.  More often than not, I am played for a fool, ending up with heavy cakes with bland flavor.  Seriously... SERIOUSLY.

Alright, that being said, I got this recipe from this blog and it was fantastic.   Tried and true from a fellow blogger = the way to go, people.  I don't lie.  Perfect and yeasty donuts, which I ever so promptly filled with blackberry jam.  This is what a good day is all about.

Right out of the oven these are the softest pillows of dough you will ever meet in your life.  Then you roll them in melted butter and sugar.  Really?  Yes, really.  Don't judge, just indulge.  You deserve it... unless you work for the Martha Stewart website and then, I might have to re-evaluate your portion.

Recipe for Blackberry Yeast Donuts