06 March 2013

plan on a classic fudge bundt cake

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Since we last talked, I have:

-consumed almost half a jar of coconut & peanut spread
-day-tripped to Baltimore
-listened to endless warnings for the "great snowstorm of 2013"
-seen a whole lot of rain and very little snow
-rubbed my face with olive oil
-sold a piece of furniture to a semi-famous author in New York City
-finished Downton Abbey
-started Parade's End
-finished 3 loads of laundry
-made this classic fudge bundt cake

I have avoided:

-vacuuming the carpet
-going to the post office
-returning a few phone calls
-eating a sensible meal
-giving Mozart his weekly bath time spa treatment
-finishing the half-done project in the corner of my living room

I've done nothing that I had planned.  I've also spent hours on Craigslist, plenty of time sleeping, and a healthy dose of time fake planning our future.  

I'm a dreamer.  I'm also a worrier.  This inherently makes me a planner.  I sometimes wonder how much time I waste planning for things that will never happen when I could be planning for the real future. 

The thing is, how can you ever possibly know the difference?

I know what I want (or at least I think I do) and I'm determined to make it happen. No one is going to tap me on the shoulder and give me a beautiful house, a loving marriage and family, a healthy mind and body, and the financial freedom to work for myself.  

I suppose all I can do is control my direction.  As long as I am moving forward and becoming a little better, I will end up in a better place.  I will be happier knowing that I tried and that I am the reason for my success, not fate or some mystical force.

Who knows, my fake future plan might possibly become my real life plan before I realize it.  

In the meantime, it's the little things like a tunnel of fudge running through a bundt cake or finishing a mountain of laundry that will give me the courage to push through.  At least that's what I've got going for me today.

Recipe for Classic Fudge Bundt Cake adapted from Annie's Eats

To prep the pan:
1 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp melted butter

01 March 2013

winter and I are over.

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I've had it.  I can't take it anymore.  If I'm faced with another winter recipe full of roasted vegetables, I might just cry.

I've been known to get in a funk.  I tend to think that I do it on my own, that the world isn't really out to get me, but how could I really be at that much odds with my own self?

I know that I don't want to bang my knee, drop cupcakes, or grab scalding hot metal... but, here we are.

Luckily, I've surrounded myself with people that are entirely way too understanding.  So understanding that they don't seem to even notice the impending breaking point, the look in my eyes that if I smudge one more perfectly drizzled chocolate croissant with the back of my hand that I just might lose it.

Maybe they realize that calling attention to my wavering weakness will only crack me further, or they are just focused on the messed up croissant that is now up for grabs. Regardless, I'll blame winter.  That drawn out, end of the season, begging for a change of clothes winter.  And then I'll move on.

I'll move onto appreciating things like pumpernickel and radishes.  

Quick solo lunches like this make me okay.  Layering as many of my favorite things onto a piece of toast and eating it at the kitchen counter with NO RULES.  Avocado and apples.  Olive oil and goat cheese.  Power greens.  All reminders that I'm also on my side.

Recipe for No Rules Power Lunch, inspired by Honest Fare

1 slice pumpernickel toast
1/2 avocado, smashed
1 radish, sliced
1/2 apple, slice thin
a few crumbles of goat cheese
a sprinkling of favorite greens
olive oil, salt, and black pepper (to taste)

Layered as you wish.