Hi! I’m Julia, writer and creator of hazelnut! Raised in a tiny town in southern Illinois, I have always been surrounded by people dying for some excitement. Restless with nothing to lose, I took a leap of faith and moved to Chicago after college graduation to pursue the amazing life of the city and find my true self at The French Pastry School!

While the city life was fabulous, life yet took another turn and I am now over a thousand miles away from home in North Carolina. I am loving the balance between my small town roots and city charm here in Durham. I am restless and eager to live and will drag my passion for pastry everywhere I go.

Hazelnut is mostly a site about healthy and natural baking and recipes, but my excitement tends to bleed into other areas such as love, design, fashion, art, healthy ways, and anything else I happen to be swooning over.

I hope that you can take something from this site, whether it be a laugh, a recipe, or pleasantly wasted ten minutes on your MacBook. Feel free to send me a message to ask questions or give me suggestions! I love hearing from readers. It makes me feel connected and happy knowing the world isn’t such a big place after all.