Feelin’ Good

I know this might seem a little out of nowhere, but I’m on VACATION!! I hopped on a plane Saturday afternoon in Raleigh and have been in Siesta Key, Florida with my family. It’s been almost five months since I’ve seen my parents and brothers and I am ecstatic to be sharing meals and living quarters with them.

BUT, of course, one of my favorite parts about beach vacations is the food. We make sure to hit up all of our favorite seafood restaurants we’ve been frequenting for years, but my mom also always loads the fridge up with tons of fruit and salad. Maybe it’s the whole being in a bikini all day thing, but it just seems so much more fun to eat light and fresh when you’re on vacation.

One of the easiest things you can do to detox a little bit is to drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Not only does it help with digestion, but also has a long list of other body boosting properties. The vitamin C boost helps you fight germs (like airport germs during cold season- yuck) but also makes your skin look healthier and more vibrant. Stress quickly depletes your vitamin C stock, so replenishing it helps your body fight stress and everything that comes along with it, like high blood pressure and dull skin. It’s also been proven that the high acidity of warm lemon water helps knock down the formation of kidney stones.

While I only do this for a week every now and then, I always seem to enjoy the morning ritual and find it pretty calming. Besides, with a benefits list like this, how can you not feel good about what you’re doing?

What do you do on vacation that changes up your eating or health habits?

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