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Hey!  My name is Julia and this is my blog.

I started this ole thing a few years ago when I was just starting to teach myself how to bake.  Since then, I have gone to The French Pastry School of Chicago, moved a few times, and landed a pretty sweet job working for Whole Foods Market.  

I have a problem making myself entirely too busy.  Between getting married in a few months, having a (what I swear feels like more than full-time) job, and running a cool etsy store with my fiance, I am slowly learning the art of juggling adult life.

I believe in working hard and playing hard, but also taking care of yourself.  I feel horrible when I eat processed foods and aim to consume as much of the fresh stuff as possible.  I'm addicted to my juicer and think everyone should have one.  Kale and black beans are my life source when I feel bad.  I tend to think I require a little more quiet time than most people. I also can't live without coffee, red wine, and raspberry sorbet.

Feel free to hit me up at juliabakes@gmail.com with any questions, comments, and amazing job offers.  I love hearing from you, even if it's weird.  


  1. I just happened upon your blog and want to say welcome! I too have a passion for baking though I've not done much pastry outside of the basic choux for eclairs and puffs. Excited to read your blog and catch up from your older posts.

  2. Julia, I was so thrilled when Brian told me the good news. Your ring is beautiful.......full of history and sentiment. I wish you the very, very best!

  3. aw, thanks Laurie! I am totally in love with this ring (and the man attached)!

  4. Can I follow your blog? I've never read someone's blog before and I really like yours, so I'm a little confused on how I follow you? Thanks

  5. hey alyssa! You can either follow hazelnut on facebook or you can enter your email address on the main page (right side under first picture) to get updates when I post something new!

    Thanks for reading! I love hearing from people!

  6. LOVE your blog! You have such a fun and humorous style of writing & your photo's are stunning!

  7. Thanks, Merel! This site keeps me creative and helps me keep my head on straight. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  8. SO - Why didn't Mary Berry tell me you were moving to Washington? I am tres excited for you, as it is one of my favorite cities. Congratulations on the move (and other upcoming events.)

    PS Jack will be making pecan spinach pesto tonight to celebrate the forecasted high of 108 here in the dale.

  9. Your blog is simply...delicious! Sharing with my college daughter (in NYC) who loves to cook. Thanks for providing such interesting yet easy recipes...exactly the way she likes to cook! And your creative writing is an extra "treat"! :) (I was also raised in a small town in southern Illinois...and now live in NC.)

  10. How cool! I'm from Carbondale and moved to the Durham/Chapel Hill area. We just moved to DC and I miss a smaller town life a little bit. Thanks for reading (and sharing)!

  11. Julia,

    Your fiance helped me pick out dish ware today for my own food blog (which looks awesome btw). I'm so glad he directed me to this site. I can't wait to try some of these recipes.

    Warmest regards,

    Juli from Lawyer in the Kitchen


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